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The Company is a private club of entrepreneurs who meet biennially as a Worldwide organisation in Las Vegas and regularly in local Company Houses around the World. Our aim is to shun tradition and Religious bias and seek a World where hard work and a desire for a better life is rewarded and laziness is punished. Here you can read thought provoking articles and find out about our work.

Parents: Spying on Your Kids Online is Taking the Easy Way Out

With government monitoring of the internet in the news extensively of late (and only the Guardian seeming to mind), it’s perhaps not surprising to also see a lot of articles encouraging parents to use the latest tools to spy on their kids online. From outright monitoring and blocking to tools that analyse metadata and content types to provide parents with information to ‘confront their kids with’, parents have a wide range of options. For many families, however, these tools pose the risk of being just another modern excuse to be a bad parent and a way to replace trust and education with friction and dishonesty. Continue reading

Human Resources Rules Turning Job Hunting Into Hell For Millions

Guest Post From Paul Harrington-Shipwright

Before I start I should fill you in on something that will be entirely clear by the time you’ve finished reading – I’m somewhat of a contrarian when it comes to what I would consider ideal recruitment strategy. As a result of this I’d consider a ten minute chat and five minutes to see some samples of previous work eminently more suitable as a recruitment process than anything an HR department has spewed out over the years. Of course it’s important to remember than HR departments are often massive, expensive exercises in self-justification. Writing unnecessary processes during downtime is certainly preferable to laying someone off in the HR department. With that out of the way let’s take a look at how some HR policies, and indeed accepted ‘rules of society’ are making job hunting hell for millions of people. Continue reading

Heartless Machines Will Ignore Our Children As They Beg For More

We can safely look to the benefit state and past ‘poor laws’ to see the level of provision the State, and society generally, considers acceptable for those who cannot work and do not support themselves. Oliver Twist famously begged his masters at the orphanage for more gruel. The very suggestion that he should have more than barely required to subsist was met by outrage. Unfortunately as machines become smart and eventually enable more production than humanity can consume, most likely by several multiples, much of humanity will drift (we already see 1/10th of humanity in this state in developed economies and much worse in developing economies) into unemployment and our children will beg the heartless machines and the even more heartless wealthy for more. Continue reading

Democracy is Like Two Divorced Parents Using Sweets to Win the Kids Over

Much of the developed (almost all) has moved to a form of adversarial democracy as their chosen form of government. It seems largely to be based on the premise that public debate from opposing parties (leading to the many two party systems we see throughout the world) and the will of the people after seeing the discussion will lead to the correct path. Unfortunately it leads to wild swings in policy from one direction to another and the will of the people is easily influenced by ‘sweets’, as we shall show later, used by the main parties to simply get back into power leading to a bizarre situation where neither parent has the best interests of the kids at heart, they just want to have possession of them, and well the kids, they don’t know what’s good for them, they just want the sweets. Continue reading