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1/3 Of Your Money Is More Valuable Than 1/3 Of Your Time

I remember reading a good deal about the Freemasons and their ideals. I won’t go into a lot of debunking Masonic myths or revealing secret truths here as Google is your friend for that kind of ‘research’. What I did want to discuss is their belief that 1/3 of your time should be spent working and resting and the remaining 1/3 should be spent serving your Brother Masons, Family and Community. Honestly the Company really doesn’t care how you invest time – and I’ll explain why. Continue reading

Travelling By Train: Why It’s Cheaper To Be Rich

As I sat in the rather comfortable First Class Lounge at Birmingham New Street Station, England my train had been delayed so I had time for a delicious freshly ground coffee from their machine. Tucking into a couple of gourmet orange marmalade biscuits I quickly totted up the value of these items if I’d purchased them from the struggling coffee shop across the road. Even with it’s 20% discount I’d have spent £4 ($6.50). Honestly if this place didn’t exist I’d happily shop at that place and that takes us to the second irony – the very fact that I get more for free because I have money takes away from the very businesses that depend on people with money making impulse purchases like a coffee because I’m too impatient to stand on the platform for thirty minutes with no WIFI. Continue reading