1/3 Of Your Money Is More Valuable Than 1/3 Of Your Time

I remember reading a good deal about the Freemasons and their ideals. I won’t go into a lot of debunking Masonic myths or revealing secret truths here as Google is your friend for that kind of ‘research’. What I did want to discuss is their belief that 1/3 of your time should be spent working and resting and the remaining 1/3 should be spent serving your Brother Masons, Family and Community. Honestly the Company really doesn’t care how you invest time – and I’ll explain why.

Investment Is Greater Than Time

Investment Is Greater Than Time

Let’s start with a really simple example and you’ll start to understand why the Company values investment over hard work. If we take an average factory worker who banks $2,000 per month and ask him to use his time to increase his wealth in 10 years time I sincerely doubt there is much he can do. Imagine he spends 3 years trying to learn about Information Technology only to realise he has no aptitude for it – and in any case all the programming is done in India by the time he qualifies anyway. His boss sometimes let’s him do some database work now instead of working on the Factory floor but he’s yet to get a pay rise as the Union has been crippled by this economy.

By now our chap is becoming rather frustrated at his inability to use his time more wisely. He decides the only way is to take a second job and work more hours – surely that’s what he should do to increase the value of his time on Earth? After 3 years of this he has banked $1,000 extra per month but is burnt out, suffers from permanently crippled knees and despite all those around him earning a lot more he’s forced to take a year off as he can barely work then return to work for 3 more years on virtually his original salary ($2,500). He never controls his spending and never realises any substantial savings or return for all this extra work – and loss of the only thing that we cannot reclaim from God – Time.

A company officer takes a very different approach. He will consider the money available to him and how that can be used to create wealth whilst retaining a high degree of free time. Realising that cheaper food, drinking at company social events instead of at expensive bars and explaining to his family that they must sacrifice now to live for the future our company officer frees up $600 of his $2000 to invest. Many of you will be sceptical that this is possible – let me just say that I once earned three times what I do now and was running up debt. I lost it all in the recession and turned to the Company and through forcing my budget under control I now have substantial investments in Gold and Stocks as well as a number of business ventures.

Of that $600 our officer understands that as a factory worker he shouldn’t risk his entire future by gambling $600/month so he safely invests $400/month into a balanced portfolio. $200/month is invested into writing, building a website and Search Engine Optimisation for his new e-book and management consultancy venture ‘efficiencies in American Manufacturing’. The idea came from a colleague at a Company event in Dusseldorf who realised that many peripheral states in Europe were significantly behind America and Germany in this field. Due to his ability to steer the content whilst outsourcing most of the coding/design to Company Officers looking for a joint venture he sees little of his time occupied by this new project once it’s off the ground. Ten years later he has a nice stock portfolio and a secondary business that allows him to live with a considerably higher income than the $3,000 he would have earned working two tough, exhausting jobs.

Investment is always more valuable than time. Saving $1 is always easier than earning $1 more – especially during a recession.

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