Travelling By Train: Why It’s Cheaper To Be Rich

As I sat in the rather comfortable First Class Lounge at Birmingham New Street Station, England my train had been delayed so I had time for a delicious freshly ground coffee from their machine. Tucking into a couple of gourmet orange marmalade biscuits I quickly totted up the value of these items if I’d purchased them from the struggling coffee shop across the road. Even with it’s 20% discount I’d have spent £4 ($6.50). Honestly if this place didn’t exist I’d happily shop at that place and that takes us to the second irony – the very fact that I get more for free because I have money takes away from the very businesses that depend on people with money making impulse purchases like a coffee because I’m too impatient to stand on the platform for thirty minutes with no WIFI.

A Real Train

A Real Train

This episode prompted me to think some more about areas where being better off in the first place serves to make life easier for you. I actually faced the downside of this myself as the Gold price dropped from almost $2,000 to $1,600 recently and I wanted to max out on exposure so bought a gold ETF with every penny I could borrow and raise from liquid funds. I then went to book my First Class train down to the South for a Company Event near the end of the year. I hadn’t left any funds in my Gold grab to cover this and had to wait a week. In that week the price went up over 1/3. The very people scrimping and saving to pay for their train travel are penalised for not having the money earlier. Those who already have it and plan ahead get huge discounts. Another way my life is easier when you have money.

All this really brought home the importance of the concepts we are taught here by the Company. The importance of working hard, always maximising our Expected Value out of situations in life and always making sure that it’s us receiving perks, free coffee and cheaper travel. Remember though that you will never be treated this way at a Company meeting or event. We are all judged by our potential and the value of the Work we do for the Greater Good of mankind and the Company. Those who earn those perks are not those who’s family passed them down wealth from two generations ago but those who offer the greatest Work to the Company in the Future. A World that worked the same way would surely be something to aspire to?

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