Monthly Archives: December 2011

Company Symbols Explained – Colonising Mars Not Earth

In the first part of an explanation of how the Company works to guide our lives to wealth, success and a brighter future we’ll be explaining the core Company Symbol; the idea that colonising Mars is a greater objective than colonising and ruling Earth. We’ll explain why those old views of colonialism are just veiled Racism, Slavery and Resource Theft and are the absolute opposite of the happier future for all humanity that the Company represents. Continue reading

If We Don’t Build It Anymore – Can We Ever Design It?

Nobody within the ranks of the Company Club aspires to be forever a worker. The lofty goals of all Company Men should be to create their own jobs rather than to simply find one. I would imagine there is scarcely one Company Officer who could manufacture a pin yet many will command profits from manufactured items shipped from the Far East. In fact as most of the World’s manufacture is outsourced to the far East we’ll consider whether this means that in the future the expertise on design and ownership will be lost in the West. Continue reading