Company Symbols Explained – Colonising Mars Not Earth

In the first part of an explanation of how the Company works to guide our lives to wealth, success and a brighter future we’ll be explaining the core Company Symbol; the idea that colonising Mars is a greater objective than colonising and ruling Earth. We’ll explain why those old views of colonialism are just veiled Racism, Slavery and Resource Theft and are the absolute opposite of the happier future for all humanity that the Company represents.

Learning Through Symbols

Outsiders to fraternities are often confused by the symbols used to impart the important life lessons through the generations. The truth is that not many Freemasons will be building any great Temples in Europe made from Stone any more than Company Officers will command a Starship to Mars. Both sets of methodologies lead their memberships to strive for a better life through the lessons they represent. This first part will explain our core symbol – travel and colonisation of Mars is a more noble aim than enslaving the Earth.

Colonising Mars – Exploit The Free And Unexploited Not The People

There are many more company values we’ll cover in future series. For example the value of hard work and research but this first one is our most important because it is the opposite of the approach taken by all our Western governments. Instead of enslaving the World’s poor and wondering how we can best extract their resources the Company believes we should work hard to develop the resources we already have and look to unexploited resources throughout the Solar system

Colonising Mars represents the zenith of that view – one seeks to colonise the absolutely uninhabited and unexploited and turn it into value. Closer to home we can learn from that message by picking our investments accordingly. A good company investment for an Officer living and working in the United Kingdom would be shares in a wind farm off the coast of Dover. A bad investment would be drilling for oil in the middle of a beautiful rain forest in Peru. Understanding how the lesson relates to these day to day decisions is the key purpose of our symbology and of the lectures at the Foundation Conference.

Hopefully this first chapter has helped you understand the use of our symbology and the importance of our name the East Mars Company in guiding all our life decisions. You won’t find a Company Officer at the top of any firm deforesting in a poor country or exploiting the virtual slave labour of wages in the Far East. Instead you’ll see companies founded on knowledge, hard work and gaining value from the unexploited to bring improvement to all of the World that chooses Company Rule.

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