Jury System Defies All Logic

The Company is disgusted with the Jury System. Not only does it defy all logic when analysed from an objective viewpoint, but it defies all logic when compared to the actions and realities of day to day life. Personally with no experience in engineering I don’t expect to be given a job as lead engineer at a jet engine company. Nowhere in the rules of a job interview is the panel expected to sit silently while two experts argue using a selection of extremely highly paid witnesses and a demonstration of my ability to pass a series of pre-prepared exam style questions to prove whether or not I’m qualified. After witnessing this farce, and based only on that evidence alone the panel is forced to choose whether or not to hire me. Sounds ridiculous right? Let’s explore why that seems so insane and why it’s exactly what our jury system represents.

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Justice Is Doomed With Juries

Surely the panel would want to see my job history – see what I was up to before to help them decide if I’m really a jet engineer? Maybe they’d want to see if I’d ever passed some jet engineering interviews before or not? Well the panel is simply banned from doing so, much in the same way as select information – information that frankly is absolutely essential to assessing whether someone is guilty or not – is witheld from a jury. Quite simply if I’ve spent the last ten years as a jet engineer I’m probably still qualified now. If our villain has spent the last four years in prison for following a woman out of a bar and attacking her and then two days after his release is seen leaving a bar following a woman and that woman is subsequently attacked by someone looking just like him… I think he might just be guilty. Shame the jury doesn’t get to know about any of that previous stuff – much harder to make the right decision when all you get to know is that he might have left the bar about the same time. Just like it’s tough to give someone a job if you don’t know whether the’ve been flipping burgers or making jet engines the last ten years.

He said judges need to warn jurors in the strongest terms not to use the internet to research cases or to give details of cases they are deliberating on.

He wants the notice in jury rooms to be amended to include a warning that such research could amount to a contempt of court. He raised the prospect of sentencing jurors who use the internet for research.
Lord Judge, who is the most senior judge in England and Wales – Talking To The BBC

Instead of facing up to this absolute reality – more information is not only available now but Jurors should have the right to demand that information – Lord Judge wants jurors to be threatened with jail. Let’s talk about what he wants them to be threatened with jail for – doing research to help them make the right decision about whether a guilty man goes in the slammer or not.

Time Juries Took Command In Court

It’s time the Company system of justice took over. The decision makers should also ask questions. Why shouldn’t a juror who just found out that sweet innocent Billy who’s lawyer has been crying circumstance for five hours ask what he was doing back at the bar he drank at before attacking his previous victim? Sounds like a fair question but one that wouldn’t find it’s way into our court rooms today. We support an informed, powerful jury. A company trade board formed to investigate and sentence the crime. No lawyers. Just a judge and a professional panel of investigators. That’s right, no twelve random fucking retards off the street deciding whether Billy is guilty or not. Honestly if you’re so off the chart insane that you think twelve totally random poeple who can barely understand what’s going on in their favourite sitcom can make the right decision about life and death, freedom and incarceration then I’m talking to you with the retard comment.

If you understand where I’m coming from – To the Company.

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