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When To Expose Corruption

Company Officers will find themselves mixing in all circles of life from workers to senior management at the biggest corporations in the World. Sometimes it seems that a rule is being broken because that’s just the way it is. When should a Company Officer take a step away from this corruption and inability to see the long term damage that this does to our economy? The answer is simple… Continue reading

It’s A Shame, But Nobody Has Any Class Anymore

I was thinking back to the failure of the real Waterford Crystal in 2009. It disgusts me. Before any of you smugly sip your whisky from your 2011 Waterford Crystal glass let me ask you how the heck is a Waterford Crystal glass not made in Waterford, Ireland? Generations of extremely talented glass makers made the finest glass in the world. Not only that but it had class. Don’t even try to tell me that an Eastern European with one year’s glass making experience can match that. Don’t even try. Nobody has any class anymore.