The Day When Mars Declares Independence

It would have been a bold Englishman to say as the criminals were being ‘transported’ by the boatload to Australia that one day that puny colony, that wild untamed land that was so tough on Her inhabitants, would declare independence from the Crown and well… Ok I’ll admit, they basically haven’t done anything since, but my point is that when we colonise Mars and set our first bases there few will be able to imagine a future where Mars declares independence from Mother Earth. Where will She get her supplies? How will they ever train enough judges to run a supreme court? All the questions we’ve seen answered a hundred times over as the once mighty European empires have receded.

The Inevitable Day

The problem with the idea that we can ever forge a truly global empire, or a New World Order is thwarted by human instincts that date right back to our tribal days. Those tribal instincts lead many to be racist against people in their own country. Often you hear a Londoner decry the pesky ‘Northeners’ from about thirty miles past Watford. National unity is often more of a joke than a reality let alone world unity.

For generations, and indeed I met an elderly ex-pat in New Zealand who still does, colonials would still refer to London and the seat of the Empire as home. They would hate the ‘savages’ of their new land and welcome with open arms the influx of civilised folk from Europe. As time goes on, however, the fertile lands start to become a little more crowded and as more and more of the population was born with no knowledge of Europe or of the smog filled streets of London a new tribe is formed. One that seeks to restrict immigration of the very same race of peoples from which they are descended and pretend that they are somehow ‘new’ and ‘different’ because their grandparents happened to get on a boat. They are New Zealanders and Aussies now don’t you know. Not Europeans, honest.

Finally Enough Judges

Ironically the time when a country truly breaks free is when they actually have enough legal specialists with a lifetime of experience to replace the Law Lords of the Empire. Ending privy council rights to oversee their justice was a big step for Canada with their tiny population. Surely Mars will never breed enough colonials to declare legal independence of the eventual New World Order courts of Earth?

One day they will. When the terraforming is done and millions live in peace on Mars with unlimited land and resources why would they ever wish to allow Earth citizens free rights to travel there? Why would they ever allow our courts to judge them. The only fear we need have is that we aren’t one of the grandparents brave enough to get on the boat and declare our new tribe. Let it be Company Officers who lead the way into the bold New World which is not the ‘New World’ that the was established in the Americas but a true new world on Mars.

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