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Set Yourself Free, Don’t Carry Your ID [Underage Drinking is an Excuse for Conditioning the Young, Preparing Them for a Police State]

Underage drinking is not the reason people across Europe and the USA are now being regularly asked to show their ID for purchases of alcohol. It is the reason that the mainstream media and government would have us believe is the reason. Instead we are being conditioned to carry our ID and become used to showing it regularly. They realize this is a battle they cannot win with the older generation but one they can through conditioning the young. More and more you will notice yourself being asked to prove your identity and even have your passport or drivers license number recorded when you use your bank card at the grocery store. Don’t believe me? On the 2nd November 2011 a 92 year-old British woman was refused the right to buy a small bottle of whisky because she did not have suitable ID. Continue reading

A Tale of Cheap Linen: Why Retailers Destroy Themselves

All Company Officers should own a linen suit. In fact one of the Board of Directors runs a find a suit business to help all the American Officers among you find good value suits that are befitting of Company Man. The main reasons for this are that linen is cool and comfortable which will allow you to suit up more often even in warmer weather and that it harks back to the days of class and Colonial Greatness that the Company represents. So with that in mind I went to purchase this year’s linen suit, blazer and shirts to keep me going through the summer. For those of you who don’t live in England it’s been a little ‘wet’ this summer and retailers don’t seem to be able to make the right decisions when the weather doesn’t co-operate and that will destroy them if they aren’t careful. Continue reading