A Tale of Cheap Linen: Why Retailers Destroy Themselves

All Company Officers should own a linen suit. In fact one of the Board of Directors runs a find a suit business to help all the American Officers among you find good value suits that are befitting of Company Man. The main reasons for this are that linen is cool and comfortable which will allow you to suit up more often even in warmer weather and that it harks back to the days of class and Colonial Greatness that the Company represents. So with that in mind I went to purchase this year’s linen suit, blazer and shirts to keep me going through the summer. For those of you who don’t live in England it’s been a little ‘wet’ this summer and retailers don’t seem to be able to make the right decisions when the weather doesn’t co-operate and that will destroy them if they aren’t careful.

closed down shop

Closed Down Retailer

Changing Seasons Too Early

The simple truth is that many, many people are still looking to take a holiday and pick up summer clothes at this time of year. Often summer in England actually seems to fall in Autumn (Fall) and as a result I really can’t see anyone making the decision to start picking up winter clothes at the beginning of August. However due to the early onset of rain the stores were having a massive sale on linen – that staple of every smart summer wardrobe. That had good and bad points to it – picking up a $50 shirt for $5 was good. Having to go home and order my linen suit online after trying on the wrong colours and different style of trousers to see if they fitted ‘well enough’ because the store had abandoned ordering all linen in for the year was pretty annoying.

Retailers need to be mindful of the fact that the only advantage they retain over online shopping is the ability of people to try on clothes, experiment with styles and looks they wouldn’t otherwise have tried and make impulse purchases. Such is the fickle human mind that I’d almost decided to not bother buying the suit by the time I had walked home in the rain… perhaps that ‘Indian Summer’ won’t come after all and all this will have gone to waste. Needless to say as a Company Man, I never truly step away from a suit purchase but I’m sure at the end of Summer that store will be moaning (as it often does) that it had a bad season due to the weather. No, you had a bad season because you changed your range too early.

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