Set Yourself Free, Don’t Carry Your ID [Underage Drinking is an Excuse for Conditioning the Young, Preparing Them for a Police State]

Underage drinking is not the reason people across Europe and the USA are now being regularly asked to show their ID for purchases of alcohol. It is the reason that the mainstream media and government would have us believe is the reason. Instead we are being conditioned to carry our ID and become used to showing it regularly. They realize this is a battle they cannot win with the older generation but one they can through conditioning the young. More and more you will notice yourself being asked to prove your identity and even have your passport or drivers license number recorded when you use your bank card at the grocery store. Don’t believe me? On the 2nd November 2011 a 92 year-old British woman was refused the right to buy a small bottle of whisky because she did not have suitable ID.

The More You Show Your ID The More You Become Conditioned to Accept It

set yourself free don't show ID

Set Yourself Free Don’t Show ID

I remember a time when someone asking to see my drivers license or passport meant I was traveling internationally or had been pulled over for speeding by the police. There have become more and more reasons why it is acceptable for someone who isn’t an officer of the state to ask for ID. The more we face those requests and accept them the more opportunity there is for the state to increase their reach. Once a grocery store worker can see my full name, address, date of birth and ethnicity to ‘prevent fraud’ when I use a bank card it seems a lot less unreasonable when a police officer can just ask to see it whilst I stroll down the street. However both requests are totally unacceptable and we need to make a stand now before the weaker masses become blind to this attempt to condition them like puppies.

I ended up storming out in indignation. It is just ridiculous to ask someone of my age to prove they are an adult, I find it offensive.
I have never been asked for ID before in my life but then I turned 18 in 1937

Our pensioner took the right decision. Not to show rage, but to leave. We must all make a stand and refuse to continue with our purchases in establishments that perpetrate the endless creep of the state and conditioning of the people. A small inconvenience to our lives today will save us a lot in the future. Every time we give in one time now and show our ID, we pave the way for someone in the future (probably ourselves at the rate this creep is happening) to show their cards ten times… or more.

I was in my twenties for all of 2000-2010 and I bet my brother that I would be asked for ID more times 2010-2020 than during those years despite being so much older. I was right. In fact on the 14th March 2012 I won my bet.

Being Asked for ID or “Being Carded” is NOT a Compliment

On the 24th of April, famous actress and star of Modern Family and recent host of Saturday Night Live, Sofia Vergara was denied access to a New York nightclub despite being 39. That in itself isn’t a shock – many clubs have rules which are compliant with the government’s goal of conditioning the young and ask everyone for ID. What really is shocking is the comments left on popular UK Newspaper, The Mail’s website. They ranged from the belief that it was a compliment to have her time wasted despite being almost double the legal drinking age to the ridiculous statement that perhaps it was an issue of fairness to ask everyone for ID just in case one person sneaked through.

You can see from their naive answers and the complete absence of outrage that the conditioning is already working. People already think it’s ok for ID to be requested in every single case when someone buys a drink. A generation ago this would have been considered absolutely unnecessary by some and an infringement on their rights by others. What’s next? The grocery stores have already started, the police will ask more on the streets and one by one the same will happen in areas of our lives that we currently believe are absolutely unnecessary but one day will consider normal or perhaps just the fairest way of doing things. Just in case someone spends $7 on a stolen card. It’s better we all show our ID with all our personal information on to a stranger at the store.

A State Governor Is Not Immune

So important is conditioning us to believe that it is ‘all ok’ and even ‘a compliment’ to return home after being refused entry that on the 30th of July 2008 when Chris Gregoire, then the Governor of Washington, was asked for ID at the age of 61. The result. You guessed it- she’s all over the news saying it was a compliment and quietly went home while her husband continued drinking. The bar released a statement claiming they would ‘train their staff’ but it’s clear they were in the right as far as politicians are concerned and that no common sense will be applied in the quest to condition us. The next step will be forgetting ‘challenge 25’ (where people who look under 25 are meant to be asked for ID routinely) and on to 100% ID for everyone in bars as that creep then moves into all areas of our lives.

To rewrite an old but famous poem about Nazi Germany:

First they were asking for ID in nightclubs,
but I didn’t party so did nothing.
Then they asked for ID in bars and restaurants,
but I felt it was a compliment, so did nothing.
Later I had to show ID every time I bought groceries,
but it was for my protection so I did nothing.
Now there is a checkpoint on my street,
and nobody does anything because it seems fair.

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