Stealing an Upgrade is Just the Same as Not Buying a Ticket

Too many scum. Yep scum. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the whiny little pieces of turd who thinks it’s ok to sit in First because it’s too ‘busy’ in regular (remind you of a certain Lord that your peasant press all got on the back of because he skipped a ticket because the queue was too long?) then you might want to stop reading. I’m going to insult you a lot.


In This Era They Threw Peasants Under the Wheels if They Didn’t Pay (I think…?)

So let’s start again. Too many scum think it’s ok to just come and sit in First Class because the train is a little too busy for them in regular. Let me start by saying I totally understand the stress of regular class train travel on a busy day after a dozen cancellations. I’ve done it a hundred times or more. The reason I now choose to enjoy First class is to get some quiet, focus on my work and guarantee that I’ll get a seat.

Guaranteed seat you say? You can get that in regular if you just book in advance or up to ten minutes before travel in any ticket office. True enough – but these scum never think of that. They would rather steal. What’s even more pathetic is our train crews are so broken down and scared to confront them they just let them get away with it.

These scum are no different from people who got on the train and didn’t pay for a seat at all. They shouldn’t be treated preferentially simply because they are rude, aggressive and refuse to move when the ticket inspector comes through the carriage. It’s about time the rules were enforced and large fines for scum that refuse to pay were enforced by the British Transport Police.

Guest Post By

Lord Harrington Borthwaite
Order of the Mars Empire

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