You Are A Slave Just Like a 1600s Peasant

I was recently reading Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” and found it somewhat alarming that so little has changed in over four hundred years. I can hear many of you cry “nonsense” and prepare to move back to the safety of Yahoo! news, but those of you who bear with me will be as shocked as I was. Just like man of 400 years ago you aren’t free to live where you choose. you aren’t free to choose your profession without unions, and other trade collectives combining with ‘legislation’ to prevent you and preserve the wealth of the incumbents.

Freedom To Work

Apprenticeships were a great way for a master in bygone eras to combine their rampant lust for abusing sexually and physically (with a stick no larger than their ring) young boys with cheap labour and a significant barrier to entry for those looking to enter the “trade”. Before all you carpenters get upset – I know making a chair from a tree is tough. What I don’t know is that getting beat and/or raped by an old paedo is the fastest or most appropriate way to learn.

Its alarming to see the return of ‘modern’ apprenticeships – these are often heralded as the dawn of a new era. The word ‘modern’ seems to merely mean the paedo might get caught but you won’t have a job regardless. Then look at the ridiculous number of mundane jobs that now need a qualification. I saw a toilet cleaning post that needed a few C’ s at GCSE.

You Cannot Live Where You Wish To

In Smith’s time it was common to refuse passage of a new worker into your city as if they were unwell then your city may have to care for them. Indeed there may also have been various trade restrictions imposed on the new arrival to make sure he didn’t impact on the considerable profitability of theexisting guilds and residents.

If you’re shouting out “I can go to any city I wish”, ask yourself this: can you move to Melbourne next week to live and work forever? Take any job you choose? Benefit immediately from health benefits, social housing and all the other benefits of citizenship? Do so without permission?

The simple truth is that we look back on a time when people couldn’t freely take their trade from one town to another because they didn’t pay into the “system” in that town with horror, yet are happy to say the same about those who cross national boundaries seeking work. Indeed you are unable to do so without embracing the huge administrative hurdles our ancient friends also had to endure.

The situation is, of course, more comical should the reader be a Briton. Britons used to have huge free movement in the world and are now as unable to work in Melbourne indefinitely & without restriction as an elderly infirm chap would have been welcomed in Liverpool having left Manchester With Leprosy.

Enjoy Your Freedom On Earth.

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