Be Terrified of a Future Where We Are All Equal

The current world is far from perfect. Some, born in poor countries with terrible education systems and borderline insane (forget borderline – some of these kooks are outright lunatics) despots ruling over them with an iron fist, have little chance of improving their lives and finding success. The truth is though, they do have some chance. Through hard work, education and a move to a less hostile environment (the USA.. or other developed country with lax immigration standards and a president willing to offer amnesty to pretty much anyone) have a chance to become wealthy, comfortable, and have a lot more in their lives than their former peers.

An Artificial View of a Sci-Fi Future

Unfortunately a future where everyone is equal should terrify any of those poor people who can’t see a way out of their despotic wasteland of a country. That’s simply because in a future when we’re all made equally useless by technology there would be no way to escape. In current affairs we see dictators unable to cling to power as their human minions tire of massacring babies and eventually hang up their guns allowing rebels to knife them in the jacksey (not pleasant as the late Colonel found out). Imagine how tough it would be to overthrow these leaders with remote control drones and virtual soldiers made of steel who obeyed them ruthlessly and without emotion. These soldiers of the future would enslave a poor populace for eternity. Of course the science fiction view of these robots (which often malfunction anyway) is that they would be made in our ‘western world’ by ethical companies programming them with the desire to always protect humans etc. The reality will be starkly different. These robots will be built by the military first and programmed to kill. Whatever form they find their way into our lives following that will likely result in us being enslaved. Our cooking droid will no doubt automatically inform the police of that small stash of pot it found hidden in the larder.


Even more ridiculous is the view of the future we are given by Star Trek where humans command almost every piece of technology in much the same way that our war machines operate now. Submarines are stuffed full of essential human workers. So our sci-fi predecessors saw a space ship as being similarly manned and engineered by humans. We’ve all seen the clips of an automated highway imagined in the days of black and white TV where a human would tell you to take your hands off the wheel instead of a recorded message. Such a terribly incorrect view of the future makes us feel safer but in reality few humans would be needed to man the Enterprise. She would be rammed full of repair droids and perhaps as few as zero humans would actually be on board. Certainly no more than a handful of decision makers.

So What About The Useless Humans?

Many people also take this endless advancement in technology and assume that if we were all equal in a world of mighty computers and machines that could not only satisfy our every desire for manufactured goods but design, plan and implement new goods for us that we would all have infinite luxury. The truth is far more horrific. Those of us who live in ‘benefit states’ have already seen the paucity that results from an income which equals what our governments believe is a minimum standard of living. In such a world corporations and governments would decide the amount of resource to be allocated to individuals.

Remember you can no longer work harder. Be smarter. Do more than your fellow man. You have little or no worth. Beyond those few exceptional humans who have the intellect to surpass the machines and therefore still be required by them to improve their design (and ultimately their power) and the power of their political masters, the rest of us would be ‘equal’ in our consumption of the bare minimum our governments saw fit to allocate us. There would be no way to overpower the robot police controlled remotely by the power brokers. There would be no way to work harder than our peers. There would be no escape from this terrible equality. The only way to ensure you are free is to put yourself into a position of wealth and power while our current system is in place. Attempt to protect yourself with land, weapons and political influence through secret society membership, powerful connections and a business empire that will benefit from the technological onslaught instead of be destroyed by it. Only those who already have power when the time comes can have any hope of retaining it. Those who have nothing will be destined to forever have nothing more than they are allocated in this technological wonderland.

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