Right To Die Campaigners Will Selfishly Condemn Hundreds to Unwanted Execution

Guest Post By Richard Fordbury

It’s sad that the title of this piece isn’t even sensationalist or just a bid to get you to read on. Step by step we are going to expose why hundreds will be executed if the right to die campaigners are successful in bringing legal suicide onto the statute books. Not only that it is also clear from the abuse of existing powers to starve those ‘beyond help’ to death by doctors that those we would trust with this power, a power only Gods and soldiers at war have previously been granted, this inhuman right to kill cannot be trusted with that absolute power. In fact it erodes the very core of our medical system where the only purpose of that system is to save lives and protect those most vulnerable in society. In fact all of human society should be set up to protect those that are the most vulnerable not throw them to the vultures. Thrown to the vultures to die, because of the selfish wish to die of a small minority.

Before we get into the meat of our analysis it’s important that we are 100% clear on one thing. In an ideal world and a just society the Company strongly believes that individuals should and would have the right to choose when to end their lives. It would be done in a supporting environment and one where perfect safeguards were in place. Unfortunately, as we will show here, the risks of these powers spreading are simply too great and much as anyone with a heart has cried a tear, or felt the pangs of injustice and hurt as they’ve read the tales of a few denied the right to die we must remember the hundreds their inability to do so has saved.

Families Are The Biggest Threat

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There probably will never be a time when Google news doesn’t return plenty of results for this and many similar search queries. Where money being available combines with debt, the pressures of life and an elderly parent who is nothing but a pain now. Well it would be easier on everyone if they just agreed that they wanted to die? With many suffering from senility (surely if the laws pass the perfect mind of a 30 year old won’t be required to sign up) or just a weakened resolve some will voluntarily sign. Others will be tricked. Even more worryingly some corrupt doctors and lawyers will go along with family members desperate for the family gold to transfer a few years early.

Doctors Already Cannot Be Trusted

Now this assertion doesn’t mean they cannot be trusted to carry out their current role which is to look after and save the lives of their patients. They do an exceptional job almost the entire world over whether it’s a local doctor rushing to see a baby at midnight or a surgeon carrying out pioneering surgery – these workers are true heroes in almost all cases and deserve our utmost respect. Let’s not confuse that respect and ability to do a great job with the ability to not be human.

Humans cannot cope with absolute power and neither should they be given absolute power. They certainly should never be given a ‘right to kill’ as is being proposed in this case. Don’t believe that as we give doctors inhuman powers they start to slip:

Two-thirds of trusts have received financial incentives for using Liverpool care pathway [ed: the UK law that allows them to starve elderly patients ‘for their own good’] for terminally ill patients (Guardian)

That’s right the trusts that run hospitals have been rewarded financially for their support of a protocol that led to the withdrawal of food and starving to death of patients who were ‘unlikely to recover’. That happened despite doctors and nurses having to administer this course of action and watch the patients die. Some of the doctors and nurses probably weren’t even aware of the financial motivations behind the decisions they were encouraged to make.

Leading doctors are even speaking out against the existing powers – one can only imagine how much further the corruption could spread if the financial incentives, bribery stakes were upped by a clearer right to kill.

Leading doctor’s fears about Liverpool Care Pathway (Telegraph)

Society Already Cannot Be Trusted

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Care homes, the very place our elderly go to live out their last days in comfort and dignity, are the exact place they can expect to be beaten by workers, sexually abused and have their needs ignored. Is it any wonder that some are asking for a right to die? Should we not ask instead what can we do to improve the lives of those who are suffering, those who are in pain, those who are calling out to society for better care and a life that has meaning despite all this instead of granting their desperate wish?

And when we’re not doing that society is busy trying to get their money any way it can – http://www.advisorone.com/2013/03/28/top-10-ways-to-stop-elder-financial-scams.

Conclusion: Oppose The Right to Kill Not For Moral Reasons or to Deny the Rights of Those Who Suffer. Deny It To Save Hundreds From the Evil in Society – An Evil Far Greater Than Many are Brave Enough to Admit

Many leading doctors have spoken out publicly recently on BBC news programmes highlighting a genuine fear amongst many that some family members will feel pressured to ‘save their relatives’ the suffering of caring for them and do the ‘right thing’ and stop ‘being a burden’. Add to that the huge financial incentives family members have to inherit, hospitals are already receiving to kill off their patients early and you have a lethal cocktail. Society already has a withering disregard for the care of the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged. Now cannot be the time to give it the ultimate tool to carry out it’s wish.

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