Democracy is Like Two Divorced Parents Using Sweets to Win the Kids Over

Much of the developed (almost all) has moved to a form of adversarial democracy as their chosen form of government. It seems largely to be based on the premise that public debate from opposing parties (leading to the many two party systems we see throughout the world) and the will of the people after seeing the discussion will lead to the correct path. Unfortunately it leads to wild swings in policy from one direction to another and the will of the people is easily influenced by ‘sweets’, as we shall show later, used by the main parties to simply get back into power leading to a bizarre situation where neither parent has the best interests of the kids at heart, they just want to have possession of them, and well the kids, they don’t know what’s good for them, they just want the sweets.

Sweets for Votes

Please Vote For Me!

There’s No Reasoning With Individual Wants

An unemployed bum [definition: someone who is out of work but makes no effort to correct this situation] who currently enjoys hundreds of pounds a month in benefits for doing nothing and has been enjoying said benefits for several years will not vote for a party which promises to force unemployed bums back into work. It doesn’t matter that a vast pool of non-working civilians is a huge drain not just on the coffers of the state but the productivity of the nation and that correcting this should be the behaviour of any rational government, this individual will not vote for you if you take this action. Some parties might idealistically support some kind of benefit State and ‘safety net’ but even the UK’s Labour I suspect would like to roll back some of the free payments to lazy good for nothing bums. It’s tough for them to take this action without appearing to ‘attack’ the poor. So they have to keep dishing out those sweets (benefits payments).

The No Sweets, I’ll Be a Brat Problem

Let’s go through a ton of other similar individuals. Firemen won’t vote for a government that intends to strip them of their right to strike and recklessly endanger thousands of lives to get higher pay. Hey – since when did people who work in jobs that impact the public automatically deserve higher pay than those who can’t strike? Well what happens when you don’t give your brat kid some sweets? It has a tantrum and embarrasses you in public. Other people in the store look at you disapprovingly as you face the all equally unappealing choices: smack them, leave the store, try some psycho mumbo jumbo or give in. Governments don’t find it quite as difficult – they tend to give in very quickly. Those disapproving looks turn into lost votes very quickly and a long stand off for what’s right in the long run (bringing the brat under control) is quickly forgotten.

Debt Is The Only Result

We’ve primarily picked on one particular side of the debate, but the parties that favour the open market, capitalism and wealth generation are just as guilty of dishing out sweets in exchange for votes. Reduced corporate taxes, easier labour laws and tax breaks for the wealthy are some of the many sweets we’ve seen dished out by those parties. The problem is they face the same disapproving looks when brats misbehave and they face the same challenges that whilst they tend to take a harder line on benefits they can only do so in a populist fashion (hey you guys don’t like these guys getting more benefits than you earn right? let’s cap it) – they can literally never attempt to apply their full agenda – they MUST continue to dish out some sweets to those voters to keep in power.

The result is two parties BOTH giving in too much to the side they are meant to disagree with and giving FAR TOO MUCH to the side they agree with most. The result is we get an awful lot of sweets thrown our way. The problem is we can only eat so many before we get sick (the government spends more money than is available). That leads to long term debt problems, social imbalances and an unsustainable benefit state way out of sync with any realistic growth the nation can achieve. Greece is the perfect example of the sick stomach you get from eating too many sweets. If only grown ups were smarter than kids and understand what’s good for them isn’t always the same as what they want right now and could vote accordingly we’d have a totally different world.

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