Company Symbols Explained

The Stone Cutting fraternities of the past no longer build Temples from stone but instead look to the lessons of those tools and techniques to live better lives. The East Mars Company uses the lessons of research, hard work and exploiting Resources in Space and the Future rather than enslaving a population in the way the failed Capitalist Empires of the past have tried to. This section explains some of those lessons.

Company Symbols Explained – Colonising Mars Not Earth

In the first part of an explanation of how the Company works to guide our lives to wealth, success and a brighter future we’ll be explaining the core Company Symbol; the idea that colonising Mars is a greater objective than colonising and ruling Earth. We’ll explain why those old views of colonialism are just veiled Racism, Slavery and Resource Theft and are the absolute opposite of the happier future for all humanity that the Company represents. Continue reading