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Right To Die Campaigners Will Selfishly Condemn Hundreds to Unwanted Execution

Guest Post By Richard Fordbury

It’s sad that the title of this piece isn’t even sensationalist or just a bid to get you to read on. Step by step we are going to expose why hundreds will be executed if the right to die campaigners are successful in bringing legal suicide onto the statute books. Not only that it is also clear from the abuse of existing powers to starve those ‘beyond help’ to death by doctors that those we would trust with this power, a power only Gods and soldiers at war have previously been granted, this inhuman right to kill cannot be trusted with that absolute power. In fact it erodes the very core of our medical system where the only purpose of that system is to save lives and protect those most vulnerable in society. In fact all of human society should be set up to protect those that are the most vulnerable not throw them to the vultures. Thrown to the vultures to die, because of the selfish wish to die of a small minority. Continue reading

Be Terrified of a Future Where We Are All Equal

The current world is far from perfect. Some, born in poor countries with terrible education systems and borderline insane (forget borderline – some of these kooks are outright lunatics) despots ruling over them with an iron fist, have little chance of improving their lives and finding success. The truth is though, they do have some chance. Through hard work, education and a move to a less hostile environment (the USA.. or other developed country with lax immigration standards and a president willing to offer amnesty to pretty much anyone) have a chance to become wealthy, comfortable, and have a lot more in their lives than their former peers. Continue reading

You Are A Slave Just Like a 1600s Peasant

I was recently reading Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” and found it somewhat alarming that so little has changed in over four hundred years. I can hear many of you cry “nonsense” and prepare to move back to the safety of Yahoo! news, but those of you who bear with me will be as shocked as I was. Just like man of 400 years ago you aren’t free to live where you choose. you aren’t free to choose your profession without unions, and other trade collectives combining with ‘legislation’ to prevent you and preserve the wealth of the incumbents. Continue reading

Stealing an Upgrade is Just the Same as Not Buying a Ticket

Too many scum. Yep scum. If you’re reading this and you’re one of the whiny little pieces of turd who thinks it’s ok to sit in First because it’s too ‘busy’ in regular (remind you of a certain Lord that your peasant press all got on the back of because he skipped a ticket because the queue was too long?) then you might want to stop reading. I’m going to insult you a lot. Continue reading