The East Mars Company Mission

The East Mars Company is a private club. We don’t celebrate religion or worship the mighty dollar. All our members share the faith that one day The Company Club House will open on the first East Mars Colony and that:

You can live a better life on the East Mars Colonies. A life of freedom, intelligence and a selective society of only those who will contribute will inherit the Earth through Company Rule

Strength On Earth

Through regular local meetings – and a biennial meeting in Las Vegas for all members – we share ideas, invention and launch business ventures. Together Company Officers have already launched over 100 businesses and expect several New Money Millionaires to be amongst their ranks in the next few years.

The first pioneers travelled impossible distances to the New World in search of insurmountable wealth. Whilst many of us will, naturally, never see Mars the belief in achieving that ultimate dream reminds us of the great acievements of the past.

Joining The East Mars Club

Once every two years a conference is held in Las Vegas under the banner of the Foundation. The Company is always invited to present by the Foundation and it is the only opportunity for new members to meet Company Officers and to consider if they wish to join. Please do not send requests to join/attend meetings at any other time as we are a private club and do not intend to open our registrations up to the Internet at any time.